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Important Notice

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Bright Beginnings will close its doors for a final time on Friday August 24th  2018 at 6.30pm. The staff are currently involved in a redundancy consultation.

Water indoors

What your child will learn Learning about floating and sinking.  Explore water pouring, dripping, splashing, texture of bubbles, the feeling of wetness, and warm and cold.  Looking at different colours of water, exploring changes of state of water. Encourages: Story telling  and creative development.  Also encourages critical thinking skills.  Helps to develop an understanding of […]

Cheese Whirls

You will need: 225g/8ozs Puff Pastry 5/6 medium to large potatoes 175g/6ozs hard cheese 2 medium onions (alternative use leeks/chives) 50g/2ozs Butter or margarine To make: Wash your hands and put on your apron. Peel, chop and cook the potatoes. Mash potatoes. Add cheese, onions and butter. Roll out the pastry into a rectangle. Spread […]


You will need: Medium packet Digestives 1tub soft cheese 3 pkts Instant whip (any flavour) 3ozs butter (enough to hold biscuits together without crumbling) Fruit/decorations for the top (optional) To make: Wash your hands and put on your apron. Crush biscuits. Melt butter (microwave or a pan over a low heat)then add biscuits. Press biscuit […]

Chicken and mushroom Carbonara

You will need: 1 pkt of Tagliatelle Chicken breast (1 per person) cooked and chopped I large onion 1oz of butter Chopped mushrooms 1 jar of white sauce or make your own with milk and flour mix until nice and creamy, take of heat and add cream To make: Wash your hands and put on […]

Fruit Bread

You will need: 225g or(2 cups)strong flour 40g/ 3 tbsp. of unsalted butter 1 ½ tsp. easy blend dried yeast 120ml or (1/2 cup)milk 1 egg beaten 75g or (1/2 cup) of mixed fruit for example apricots, cherries, sultanas. 1tsp of cinnamon or mixed all spices (optional) To make: Pre heat oven to 190oc, 375f […]


You will need: 1 cup margarine ½ cup brown sugar, packed 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ground ginger 1 egg ¾ cup golden syrup 1 cup flour 1 cup flour ½ tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda To make: Wash your hands and put on your apron. Cream together first 4 ingredients. Add egg […]

Home made Pizza’s

You will need: Small plain pizza base Tinned chopped tomatoes Tomato puree Grated cheese Choice of toppings – pineapple, ham, chicken Mixed herbs (sprinkle) To make: Wash your hands and put on your apron. Cover pizza base with a spread of tomato puree. Spoon chopped tomatoes and spread over pizza base. Sprinkle on the mixed […]