It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Bright Beginnings will close its doors for a final time on Friday August 24th  2018 at 6.30pm. The staff are currently involved in a redundancy consultation.

Over the last 18 months the Directors have been challenged by providing the ‘Funded or Free’ hours that the Government has introduced. This saw a massive decrease in the amount per hour paid that we received from Stockport Council to cover this cost.

From April the figure was reduced again as Stockport Council chose to maximise the 5% that they can deduct from the payment. On top of this payment reduction we have been faced with a 4.4% increase in living wage, a 1% increase in pension contributions, a rent charge that we were not previously paying , a massive hike in our Business rates and a 3% increase in all our other costs.  The overall effect of this is we would need to increase our prices by a massive 20% minimum or replace all our qualified staff with cheaper apprentices.

The reality is we cannot provide Ofsted Outstanding nursery care on the funding being provided. Our staff are highly qualified and work very hard providing care to your children, none of them are paid a fortune as it is and as Directors we would not want to see staff bear the main cost of this flawed Government Policy.

We have also faced the pressure of children leaving to go to School Nursery, which receives significantly more funding per hour than we do and this puts further stress on our business model.

I can assure you the funded places are secure until the end of term and we know our staff will continue to work hard to give your child the best possible childcare experience right up until August 24th 2018.

We appreciate this is awful news, it is for everyone concerned, but as Directors, it is illegal for us to run the business knowing it will be losing money, so we had no choice.

The Directors

Bright Beginnings Community Nursery

May 1st 2018