We believe in the importance of reporting any accident or incidents appropriately both internally and to outside bodies where required.  As a consequence of gathering this information, we will take measures to prevent or reduce any similar accidents/incident recurring.

If you bring your child to nursery with an injury or an incident at home has occurred, please inform the staff on arrival and they will complete an ‘Incoming Injury’ form.

If your child has an accident / incident occurs whilst they are at nursery and the results are minor, we will share this information with you when you collect your child.  However, if the manager feels it is appropriate we will contact you by telephone to inform you of the situation.

Where medical attention is required an ambulance will be called.  The manager will ensure that you are contacted.  No child will be transported by any employee under any circumstance.

We will record and report any injuries etc. involving children, staff or visitors to the relevant bodies if applicable. In the main this will be Ofsted and/or the Environment Health Authorities.