Behaviour Policy

Good behaviour for children is actively promoted in our nursery.  We make use of consistent and positive re-enforcement as well as reward for effort, enabling them to develop a sense of appropriate behaviour, responsibility, and a positive self-image.  In such an atmosphere each child can enjoy their play without fear of being hurt or unfairly restricted by anyone else.

As a way to develop positive independent behaviour we encourage children to accomplish goals in the nursery and home:

  • Be kind and care for each other.
  • Listen to each other.
  • Take turns
  • Walk indoors.
  • Look after our toys and equipment.
  • Tidy up together.
  • Pull your sleeves up and wash your hands when they are dirty, before and after meals and after having nappy changed or using the toilet.

We expect your child to behave in a manner that does not cause harm to themselves or others. If a child behaves inappropriately, a member of staff will encourage the child to stop and engage them in an alternative activity.

We do not use the word ‘naughty’ in the nursery but instead use words to describe the behaviour for example, hurtful, unkind.

Where a child’s behaviour is so destructive or aggressive that a danger is presented to other children or staff within the nursery, every effort will be made to source additional support from other professionals and/or make alternative arrangements to safeguard those at risk.  In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to exclude a child from the nursery.

Any on-going behaviour issues will be managed with the cooperation of the parent/carer, child and behaviour coordinator.

Physical punishments, or threats of them, are never used.