Collection and Non Collection of Children

The safety of your child is of paramount importance to us.  As such we have in place stringent procedures and checks to ensure that the NAMED and KNOWN person will collect your child from nursery.

  • You will need to complete the section on the Enrolment Form allowing permission for others to collect your child.
  • If you require another individual to collect your child who is not on the Enrolment form or rarely collects you MUST put this in writing to the nursery. If this is not possible you will need to inform the nursery beforehand giving us details of a name, physical description, and they will need to produce ID and the password.
  • Where the information is acceptable the individual will be granted entry, escorted on the premises and handed over to the child’s key person or member of the key team.
  • Where this is not acceptable access cannot be permitted and collection of the child will not be allowed. Contact will be made with the child’s parent to inform them of the situation.
  • If staff do recognise an individual who has come to collect the child and the password given is acceptable, but the nursery has not been informed that this person will collect the child, the nursery must contact the parents for confirmation.

If a child is not collected from the nursery and all methods to contact you or others fail, the manager will assume that an emergency has arisen and the Local Social Services Department will be contacted and they will advise on the appropriate action to take.

Please ensure that those who have been identified and authorised to collect your child are aware of this procedure to avoid any unnecessary problems when your child is collected. Parents/carers must be discouraged in allowing anybody access to the nursery- even if they know who they are.