Medication Policy

We believe it is our responsibility to promote the good health of children and take positive steps to prevent the spread of infection.  We recognise that there are times where children are well enough to attend nursery despite having a condition that requires medical treatment or any specific needs.

Children with a medical condition or specific needs

The nursery manager and key person will meet with you during your settling in period in order to identify and assess how their needs can be met whilst at nursery.  If necessary a treatment plan for your child will be agreed with yourself and may, with your permission, involve input from the child’s health visitor, GP or other agencies.  This plan will only be shared as necessary.  Where long term medication is prescribed a Medication Form must be completed for authorisation to use as required, for example, an inhaler.


Only medication prescribed by a GP will be administered at nursery except for the medication listed below under ‘non-prescribed medication’.

We will NOT administer your child’s first ever dose of medication.

Children will not be permitted to attend nursery for the first 24 hours after commencing, or changing a course of antibiotics.  This is distinct from the 48 hours exclusion advised for Streptococcal infection as indicated in the contagious disease table – see Exclusion Policy and procedures.

Such exclusions are to ensure that any adverse reaction is monitored by you and it is also likely that the child will not be well enough to cope with a nursery day at this early stage of their illness.  It also reduces the risk of cross infection to other children and the staff team.

If a dose of medicine has been administrated before your child comes to nursery you should inform your child’s key person/room leader.   This is to ensure that a recent history of your child’s intake is kept in order to inform decision- making regarding future doses.

Lotions and Creams

The following Lotions and creams for the control of dry skin/ nappy rash may be applied by the nursery without prescription:

  • Sudocrem
  • Aqueous cream
  • E45
  • Oilatum
  • Vaseline
  • Diprobase
  • Metanium
  • Bepanthen

Teething Relief

The following Gel’s  for the control of teething pain may be applied without prescription:

  • Calgel
  • Bonjela

Child Digestion

The following remedy to aid digestion for babies may be administered without prescription:

  • Infacol